AxleRate Fair Meter

A Fare meter application is used for real time tracking of vehicles, distance and complex fare calculation as well as two way communication between the vehicle and a centralized command center. Entertain your customers with on-the-move screen advertisements in a captive environment.A white labeled smartphone applicaton enables the users to track where the vehicles are.

  • Device Login Page
  • Login Screen
  • Meter Home Screen
  • Available Packages
  • Meter Starting Screen
  • Advert Screen
  • Hotspot Screen
  • Navigation
  • Trip End Screen
  • Total Fare Screen
  • Meter Main Screen
  • Meter Logout Screen
  • Turn Off Screen

AxleRate Bus Tracking And Passenger Aunthenticator

A real time tracking and passenger authenticating solution for Bus Operators.Coupled with white labelled Smart Phone Application to let your passengers know when their next bus will arrive. Uses a smart card to identify your passengers and make prepaid payment solution without sharing your revenue with third party payment gateways.

  • Device Login Page
  • Bus Home Page
  • List Of Routes
  • Valid Smart Card
  • Invalid Smart Card
  • Passenger Already Authenticated
  • Device Logout Screen